iSee - Using various technologies from a blind persons perspective.
Accessing Apple and other products from a blind or low vision perspective
10 months ago

Common iOS and Android apps used on both systems

Common apps between iOs and Android If choosing either Samsung/Android or iOS, look at the tasks that are needed to be performed and if the apps to do those tasks are accessible. Two specific apps which are not currently available on Android are th...

11 months ago

Demo of how to setup and use VoiceOver Hand Gestures in Watch OS 8

With VoiceOver running, turn on in Settings, Accessibility, VoiceOver, Hand Gestures. Once turned on, activate when watch is waken with a double clench of your fist (need to do this every time watch is woken up). When on: double pinch (thumb and index fi...

11 months ago

VoxMate overview demo - simple to use, but powerful app for Android

Simple but powerful all in one audio app for the blind Android user.

11 months ago

Exploring Tech webinar from Vision Australia Sep 2021 -Apple Watch

My chat to customers of Vision Australia all about the Apple Watch, bands, and devices.

1 year ago

Demo of the Versa Slate - paperless slate (hand frame) with stylus

This is an amazing upgrade to the traditional slate or as we say in Australia hand frame. So rather than sticking in a bit of paper, writing in Braille, and then having to take the paper out, read what you have Brailled, and then stick it back in again t...

1 year ago

Run through of the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack for all iPhone 12's.

Give you a physical description of the battery pack, how to check battery status, charging tips, using the pack as a wireless charger, and some general tips for usage.

1 year ago

Demo of the ReadEasy Evolve portable reading machine

In this demo, I give you a physical description of the ReadEasy Evolve, setup, and use. Vision Australia Store web link to purchase is: